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There is no charge to feature your app, but you must subscribe to 1 or more Developer Lists on Twitter. As a subscriber, you will be added to our Developer Lists. We drive subscriptions to those lists to increase visibility for you and the other Indie Devs.

While only 1 subscription is required, additional subscriptions increase the frequency with which we display your app. The more subscriptions you have, the more frequently your apps are featured.

Our Purpose:

ZebraStrut is actively involved in the promotion of other developers. Some of the best innovation comes from Independent Development, but Indie Devs notoriously suffer from a lack of resources. If we increase the visibility between Indie Devs, we facilitate cross-promotion which leads to mutual benefit.


Are You Going to Tweet from my Account?

No. We don't need your Twitter credentials, nor authorization to tweet for you. We force nothing but a subscription to increase visibility for all list members.

While we hope you make beneficial contacts through our Developer Lists, you aren't forced to participate. You can do as much or as little as you want.

What Can I Expect?

Traffic has been increasing rapidly (over 1,300 unique visitors so far), most of whom are other developers. While this can lead to sales, business connections are far more common. From cross-promotion (like RTs & SOs on Twitter), to tips and technical answers, to contract work, these business connections are invaluable.

Free apps have also done especially well here. There's no excuse not to download, rate, & review free apps for other Indie Devs if you've released your own. The golden rule may be simple, but it is very effective among like-minded people.

How Can I Increase My Visibility?

We reward multiple subscriptions, because it increases the visibility of others. While we don't track other cross-promotion yet, we have begun implementing ways to track & reward these activities. The following will all be rewarded in the future: