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StarcasterStarcaster is a challenging arcade style side-scroller. Defeat enemies, level up, and unlock new spells. Traverse through ten worlds and survive deadly enemies and challenging terrain. Acquire upgrades after each run to go farther in subsequent tries.

Match OrbitHypnotic game, the rotation and rhythm of the planets will hypnotize you. This minimalist arcade game only needs time and reflex to play. The objective is to match the circles with the contour and the planet. Touch and match the circle with the planet
Take Off TilesHelp us remove all boxes/tiles. You can do it ... In how much time? Easy and fun game for all ages.
ABC Touch LettersTouch the letters from A to Z as fast as you can, and get the best time! Train your reflexes, your visual speed and peripheral vision. Easy and fun game for all ages. Children learn letters playing.There are two game modes: - Clasic Mode - Color Mode
Pick-Up AllClear your mind and get your ready for the stick picking game. Master yourself and win the challenge with your skills You know the drill, move the pencil and have fun The game stretches back more than a thousand years,is still extremely popular today
Tower Of HanoiTest your intelligence by playing Towers of Hanoi. The game consists in changing the discs tower 1 to tower 3 on the condition that you can not move more than one disc at a time, and can not put a large disk on a small one.
Teddies & RainbowsFly through the sky. Save the cute teddy bears, and find their true love! Pop the bubbles and match up pairs of the same color, but avoid the minions of the evil Witch! It is very easy to play! Tap and hold to fly up, release to fly down. Endless Levels
Love CrusherValentines, hearts, teddies, rainbows... It´s time to save the world from a love apocalypse. Crush the cute teddy bears! But avoid hearts, or you'll be doomed. Are you bored of sweet teddies and rainbows? Now you can smash them! You only need one finger
Neon RocketRide your rocket through a hazardous neon world! Avoid obstacles, pick power-ups, get the highest score and share it with your friends!Are you the best space pilot? You only need one finger! Tap and hold to fly up, release to fall down.
Crazy MathsExploring a variety of mathematical topics. Learn basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Learn the even numbers, odd numbers, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers. Learn multiplication table. Exploring math skills.
Learn JapaneseLearn Japanese alphabets playing! Is the easiest and most fun way to learn Japanese language. With our app, you and your kids can learn Japanese quickly. Alphabets quiz / test !! We make it easy with memory game addictive designed to learn.
Slide & MatchIs a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game. Join geometric shape. Challenge your mind! HOW TO PLAY: Slide (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the shapes. When two shapes equal, they merge into one. Get all the figures and win!
Card MatchCard game in which all of the cards are set face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. It is easy to play. It requires observation, concentration and a good memory to win.
Balloons SplashHow many balloons can you pop? Easy and fun game for all ages. There are two game modes: Splash Mode: Just tap a balloon to pop it and get high score. Color Mode: Touches the balloon color shown and get high score. Ready, let's go!!

Bumper JumpYour alien friends forgot to beam you up and now you must keep up without falling. Tap to create bumpers that bounce you as high as you can go on this journey through space.

5FivesHighly addictive sliding number puzzle! Slide left, right, up or down to move all of the tiles in that direction. Combine Two 2s to create a 3, three 3s become a 4, and four 4s become a 5. Can you achieve fives 5s in a row to unlock the next level?

QuadrexLike to break your mind? Can you think several moves ahead? Love to compete with friends? Then Quadrex is your new favorite game! Restore the broken image made of tiles. Rearrange them according to pointing dots. But there's a catch in moving elements!

SandCastleRapid development of 3D terrain for Adobe Flash and AIR. 16-bit height maps Intelligent level of detail generation and rendering Paint and blend unlimited terrain layers Highly customizable water Exports entire scene code And much more...

Barcode SaverDo you want to store your Serial Numbers but hate copying down the numbers? Work in a warehouse and need to share bar code information with vendors from your stock? Scan the barcode, Save the text and you are all done!

WittyLaterWittyLater is perfect for when you think up a fantasticly witty comeback a few hours after a discussion has ended. Post your comeback to Facebook and tag the friend you were having the discussion with so that everyone can see your wit for what it is.

Doctor KvorakDoctor Kvorak is an atmospheric single-player 3D adventure puzzle game for PC. Greeboo and his friends find themselves trapped in the evil Doctors mysterious test laboratory. Help Greeboo rescue his comrades and save his world from destruction

ExpoStrutWhen cookie-cutter presentations just don't cut it, ExpoStrut is here. Build your own interactive product portfolio that caters to the needs specific to your business.

One Hit CowboyOne Hit Cowboy is a very addictive and challenging arcade game. You are a cowboy who has a revolver. You only get one bullet for dealing with each enemy. You have to trigger the revolver very fast and precisely. Let's tap on the screen to shoot!
NO One DiesIt's simple. Just tap the white area to make the black tile jump over the obstacles. Keep all black tiles alive. It's challengeable . 4 different levels to conquer. It's addictive. Once you start, you can't stop playing.

Blackjack Bailey VRPlay Blackjack in VR!
My Virtual GirlfriendMy Virtual Girlfriend is a fun and flirty dating simulation game. It has 100's of beautiful girls to choose from, all with unique personalities and appearances. There is nothing like it in the app store!

Overdriven ReloadedThe indie Shoot' Em Up, Vertical Fast & Fun ! Available on Steam for Pc-Windows and Mac OS X. Style, variety, puzzles, killer rock soundtrack, and four player co-op !

Crazy Fish HeroCrazy Fish Hero is retro game art on iOS. Rule is simple : you control two fishes in the same time, and need to eat or avoid other fishes. Simple but it's terrible challenging and fun!
Labyss FreeWith bright colorful graphics and animations, Labyss is both a challenging maze and puzzle game. Users play as Roklyss, the little creature who must collect the stars within each world in as few moves and as little time as possible.

Transmission!Transmission is a simple, endless casual experience and a break away from traditional fast paced games.

VorteksVorteks is the ultimate fast action, finger burning, puzzler! Challenge your eye-finger coordination with crazy levels and unlock insane abilities to keep up with the endless barrage of orbs!
MindTiltMindTilt is a brain busting, eye crossing, mind melting puzzler! Challenge your sense of perspective and depth as you complete difficult puzzles!

Submarine DashNavigate the Deep sea with your submarine and collect doubloons while you must avoid incoming missiles and sink bombs. You need the doubloons to upgrade your submarine , or to buy shield and magnet. There are 2 game modes , Free dive and Campaign.

Circle the SmileSurround the angry smile with wall tiles and you win! Sound easy but it is not, angry smile is very smart and will try to find its way out. Just tap on the gray tiles and they will turn to green. The red smile is blocked by these green tiles.
Bomb The SmilesPhysics platform/puzzle game with smiley characters ;-)
Video Poker ClassicAfter choosing the bet amount To play, tap on the deck To deal. You are dealt five cards. Decide which cards you wish To hold/unhold. Then tap on the deck again To draw. Your Next set of cards are dealt out To you.

XenoBloomNurture. Harvest. Evolve. XenoBloom! Grow your ideal alien garden in this relaxing and creative digital experience.

Chocks Away!As Charles "Chocks Away!" Worthington-Smtyhe, you fly your way into enemy territory dodging, shooting and bombing as you go. Great graphics, a fun theme and laughs along the way!
GlyphGlyph is a calm but mind-bending puzzle game where you create chain reactions to get high scores. It looks easy but you have a limited number of moves and it takes skill to spot the chain reactions!
Save Wilbur!Help Wilbur the worm avoid those pesky crows! Simple fun for everyone!
BridgeConstructor AnswersLearn to get the most out of the Bridge Constructor game with this helpful Answers app that teaches you all of the tips and tricks to get the best scores.

Trouble With RobotsTrouble with Robots is a collectible card game that mixes strategy and action, in a fantasy world invaded by an army of...well, yes, robots. Build the perfect deck, command your troops of elves, dwarves and centaurs and kick some metal asses!

One GunmanYou play as One Gunman, who must gather the rewards for shooting the numbers displayed on the wanted poster. The wanted numbers are based on number sequences. This game is a fun educational experience which teaches basic number sequences.
TTY GFX ADVNTRTTY GFX ADVNTR puts the player in the role of a hero who must defeat the dragon to save the princess. Battle monsters across five different lands to gain the experience needed to conquer the dragon. Classic RPG action!

Window Rope NinjaGrapple and rapple your way up the building as a ninja. But watch out for the broken windows! How high can you climb before time runs out? A fun and addictive tapping game for your mobile device!

Math Be NimbleMath Be Nimble is great brain exercise for players of all ages. Kids and adults are getting quicker with math! An effective approach and a wide variety of problem types - Math Be Nimble encourages progression, yet you play where you are comfortable.

Attack of the EyesThe year is 2030. Gigantic asteroids with enormous eyes have started to pound the Earth. They\'re big, ugly and made of the toughest rock in the universe. Blast your way through 4 levels with 4 level bosses and save humanity!

Snaky 360Help Snaky and its snake friends escape 300+ original levels, each with a different gameplay. It\'s a mix of arcade, puzzle, action and address games. You won\'t get bored: with missiles, spacecrafts, ghosts, switches, bombs, scaffolds, lasers!

Pop! IlumboPuzzle goodness that is enjoyable by all and leaves an eye-candy reward for every solution. Delicious and unforgettable. It’s as if we included that special ingredient we stole from your grandma.

Sudoku AddictSudoku Addict is a simple and efficient Sudoku number puzzle game offers your more than 10000 puzzles with unique solution to solve. Sudoku Addict comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface ideal for beginners and professionals.
Coloring For KidsColoring For Kids is a free coloring application for kids and adults ! Coloring For Kids has more than 100 models to color like in coloring books.
My First Drawing for KidsMy First Drawing for Kids is the ideal first drawing application for your kids. Simple and efficient, My First Drawing has classic features like brush size, eraser, opacity and save image in gallery.
BombermanBomberman, the classic strategic maze-game of 80s is now available on Android.
Tilt MazesTilt Mazes is a logical puzzle game in which you must move a ball through a maze and collect one or more squares (goals) to win.
Kid Photo PuzzleKid Photo Puzzle is the ideal game for Kids and Adults. Pick and image from your gallery or choose an image in several categories and move tiles to find original image and assemble puzzle.
Tiny PaintTiny Paint is a simple and efficient drawing application. Pick your color, choose your brush and your effect, and enjoy drawing with Tiny Paint !
World Cup 2014World Cup 2014 is a free application essential to follow World Cup 2014 in Brazil on your smartphone. News, Videos, Calendar, Ranking, Stats and Bracket are available for you in an application updated daily in real time.
2048 Puzzle2048 Puzzle arrives in your Android smartphone now ! Join the Numbers by moving Tiles and get 2048 Tile to win the game. Share your scores across the World with global Leaderboards and unlock Achievements.
Periodic TablePeriodic Table brings periodic table of the elements on your smartphone. It brings chemistry in your pocket.
MinesweeperMinesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a grid of squares. The object is to open all safe squares in the quickest time possible. Minesweeper offers a classic blue theme and a lot of features including Google Play Games integration.
Old School Rotary DialerSick of your boring stock keypad dialer ? You want to add a touch of retro and originality to your smartphone ? Old School Rotary Dialer is for you !
Matrix EffectMatrix Effect Live Wallpaper enables Matrix Effect on your Android device. Matrix Effect is entirely customizable to make the Matrix fit your device exactly the way it should.
SudokuChallenge your brain with Sudoku ! Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. With 4 difficulty levels, an unlimited number of puzzles, intuitive and smooth interface, this Free Sudoku app will make you forget paper puzzle.

Gumball FallGumball Fall is a free physics-based twist on the Match-3 genre. Help Frank collect gumballs that have spilled out of his gumball machine. Randomized game boards ensure a unique experience every time you play. Use speed or strategy. The choice is yours!

Space Mission: SurvivalSpace Mission: Survival is a retro arcade space shooter. You have 10 seconds of fuel in each level to destroy the aliens and keep your astronauts alive.
Back In The DayRemember your grandfather’s stories of penny candy and nickel matinees? How much would that be in today’s dollars? You can find out the answer to these questions, and many more with Back In The Day. This is an easy to use Inflation Calculator.
Alpha-beta AsteroidsChallenging word game with a space theme! Spell words to remove tiles, causing asteroids to drop. Stars are awarded for dropping asteroids, big words, and bonus play, and a few surprises!

SkyhillSkyhill is a roguelike story about staying alive when there is no reason to.

Solar FluxSolar Flux is a unique space puzzle game available now on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam; iPad and iPhone; Android Phones and Tablets.

Letter QuestHelp the adorable grim reapers Grimm and Rose defeat monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies and more using the power of words!

Soaper CoasterSurf against sharks and warships in the most epic bath you’ve ever had! Create the action by drawing it, generate waves to surf just by touching the screen and guide your duck through dangerous bath time waters to reach the top of the leaderboards.
OCD - Collect or DieEver wanted to know just how obsessed with collecting you are? Obsessive Collecting Disorder is a platformer designed to test you to your collecting limits. Over 400,000 downloads... get it FREE on Windows Phone.
DrawtopiaCome with us now on a journey through colour and space as one ball undertakes an epic quest across some lines to reach an exit... or something like that!

Snowman Maze AdventureWelcome Snowman ! Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to collect all the stars! Work your way around the walls and prove your skill by passing through the circles of fire!
Heartbeat Task ManagerHeartBeat is a Task Manager and a Live Wallpaper providing CPU usage information. Use it to diagnose why your phone has been running slow lately, who's been eating your battery or simply because you're a geek :) and want to know what's going on.

ColourColorPit your wits by taking a photo of a thing, choosing a color from that thing, and challenging someone else to take a photo of another thing and match that color as closely as they can. Enough, you\'re sold. Why are you not playing this already?

CosmonauticaAre you ready for some hilarious adventures in outer space? Cosmonautica combines elements of space trading and life simulation to create an unique experience. Only if you take good care of your crew you will be able to succeed.
Pressure OverdriveA clever combination of a steampunk-world and an oldschool racing and shooting game. Filled with crazy characters and oddball humor, players will race through striking environments as they attempt to stop a sinister plot.

Two Steps BackA visual novel about dreams reality and human bonds! Play as Therese and unravel the mystery of the never ending dream before it\'s too late! Help back the KickStarter to fund a new second part to the game and to enhance the playing experience!

Racer: Fair SpringsRace through the Endless roads of the great city of Fair Springs in this Ultimate Urban racing game. Engage the hand brake and drift your car to manage a turn at high speed or brake at the right time and slip through the gaps between traffic.
The Domingos

Gift Card KeeperGift Card Keeper will help you to never forget the gift cards you have or how much money is left on them. Manually enter in your gift card information so you never let a gift card go to waste again. It is very easy to change the amount of the gift card.
Hunting PlannerHunting Planner will help you to never forget something on your next hunting trip or before the seasons starts. Features 3 Categories: Seasons: Pre-Season, Post Season, Scouting, Miscellaneous.
Laundry Countdown TimerLaundry Countdown Timer will help you never forget when you laundry is done! Features timers for your washer and dryer. Just set the timer for your drying or washing amount and it will send you a notification when your laundry is done!!
Shop For itA simple shopping list app for all your shopping and grocery needs! It features a NO SLEEP mode, so you don\'t ever have to worry about your screen going black while shopping! Now also crosses off your list items as you check them off!
Remind ItRemind It! is a reminders app that will help you remember your to do list or anything else life throws at you! It\'s very easy to prioritize your reminders to the most important thing that you have to do!
Decode ItA challenging logic puzzle with many levels. Solve simple clues then move to the next level. The faster you solve the puzzles the more points you get. Don\'t worry, you can get a hint (at a price of course) or just have the puzzle solved for you.
Worlds Toughest GameAre you game? Play the Worlds Toughest Game and see if you have the skills.
BrickSmasher EndlessBrick Smasher Endless provides an original take on a classic, pulling you back in time to when games were revered for there simple mechanics and addictiveness. Prepare yourself for six engaging levels that progress in difficulty.
Rocketpack MishapRidley invested last year\'s keep in a rocketpack that will help him collect his supply faster. he did not get around to fueling up his tanks. Ridley needs your help in collecting his entire winter supply to survive.
Bouncers AdventuresBouncer's Adventures is a fast paced challenging platformer with difficult jumps and tons of objectives. With 30+ characters, power-ups, over 35 achievements to complete, and 50 levels. Bouncer's Adventures has hours of game-play and adventure.
Bigfoot DashSince the sighting, Bigfoot has been on the run. Help Bigfoot hurdle over obstacles and escape forest tourists. Simply tap to make Bigfoot jump over oncoming obstacles including logs, rock piles, traffic cones, squirrels, kittens and more.

Soldier BirdSurvive the attacks and lead Soldier Bird to victory! Soldier Bird brings the fun of that popular bird game we all know and love, but innovates the gameplay and environment to bring you a whole new challenging and addictive experience. It\'s free!

Flight OdysseyFly a plane from runway to runway, complete missions and collect coins! Gain money and experience, and exploit your wealth to unlock new planes! Flight Odyssey is almost like a flight simulator, but it\'s a bit less realistic and much more fun!

NoNoNoNo is a FREE Nonogram game (aka Picross). It\'s easy to play, fun, and addictive! Enjoy tons of puzzles of various sizes and difficulties. Race to beat your fastest times and complete achievements. With both preset and random puzzles the fun never ends!

Flappy GliderNew awesome paper sheet styled arcade game - Flappy Glider. Glide to reach highest scores! Glide with happiness! Features: - Game center highscores - simulate flying a paper plane - 3 speed modes - endless fun! Keep calm and glide forever!

Save the CheeseA fast paced, fun, wacky game for players of all ages! To play, drag the attacking germs away from the helpless cheese and drop them into their colour coordinated corners. How many can you destroy before the cheese goes bad?!

A Playground for ToddlersA Playground for Toddlers is a fun way for your kid to learn about the world around them. Try the different parts of the playground. In the free version there is always one of the 9 playgrounds to try.

WordIt 2WordIt 2 is a single-player word game with 20 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles. You must use all letters on the board to create valid words. Many hours of gameplay and available on web, mobile and tablets. Great for fans of crosswords or scrabble.

RecordMusicThis app optimizes recording music lists by providing the fields needed to quickly track music. The music list are sortable by ID, Title, and Artist with one click. The music list is also filtered by Favorites. One consistent form is used.
Score and AvoidSoccer game where avoiding the net wrapped goal post is goal. Tapping the screen push the ball up higher and not touching the screen lowers the ball. Get as many balls in the goal (past as many goal posts as possible) prior to running out of soccer balls.
Bowl FactsWith Bowl Facts you can quickly be the talk of a party or social media network with this new trivia game. Not interested in playing a game, quickly scroll through over 250 facts or use the Random button. Don't be the only person left without the facts.
RecordMoviesTired of keeping your movie list with a pencil and paper or using an application not made to track info about movies. This application optimizes recording movie lists by providing the fields to quickly track movies. The list are sortable with one press.
RecordBooksA new way to keep track of books without a pencil and paper. This application optimizes recording book lists by providing fields needed to quickly track books. Add books by barcode, ISBN, or manual entry. Swipe right or left to share from the book list.
RecordOrdersCustomizable application available in 35 languages to record orders without a pencil and paper. Customize fields, colors, currency, view and more. Use for small business or fundraising sales including: cookie, popcorn, magazine, door-to-door, and more.

CYPHERCYPHER, the free online multiplayer hacking platform shooter. Take the role of an agent and infiltrate the government by hacking servers. CYPHER features an updating system that distributes the latest version to all the players as the game is developed.

Dusk of D.A.W.N.Dusk of D.A.W.N. is a strategic, lane-based collectible card game in a cyberpunk universe by Fjord Games. Beat your competitors as CEO of your own megacorporation, collect all cards, level your corporation and build the ultimate deck.

Fat Red HeroIn this game you will control Santa and catch as many gifts as you can, watch out for bombs and garbage bags. We in Misc games wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy :)
Oil DrillIn this game you will drill for oil thru 30 level both offshore and onshore. After your drilling, you deliver oil by driving an oil truck or pipeline laying, earning cash to unlock the next level.

WackoBirdsHelp the WackoBirds free their caged friends and liberate the WackoLands from the control of the Vultures. This free app utilizes the iOS superb gesture controls to create a fun, challenging and unique game experience set in a beautifully painted world.

Miss My Stuff"If you're the kind of person who regularly lends things to your friends and relatives only to forget about them and never see the items again, then this is definitely an app that you're going to want to check out." Mark Bangs - Apppicker
Clock'n'Roll iOS7 CubeFree, well-crafted multipurpose cube to turn your iPad into a big, visible and amusing calendar, clock, photo gallery and daily information! An elegantly designed cube that transforms your iPad screen into a multipurpose clock & panorama picture display

What's PlayingCan you guess the animation? Charming and playful.. What's Playing is a perfect brain teaser for all ages. - No registration, simply download and start playing! - Original hand drawn pictures - 400 stages ranging from easy to tricky
Toby Space RushLet Toby bring you to space for an exciting and colorful space adventure! Fly past the four deadly territories: Tohagan, Elowan, Umiweth and Arigonia. Enjoy the thrill of looting energy by smashing onto magical meteorites, lasers and more!

Tower ZooTower Zoo is a completely original logic & strategy board-game for iOS in full 3D. If you love connect 4, Triple Town, Checkers and Chess then you will love Tower Zoo.

SuperluminaSuperlumina - First Contact is a turn-based sci-fi puzzle-strategy game. You battle on a grid consisting of two halves. Move your units around in order to form defensive and offensive formations, create combos, chain reactions and defeat your opponents!

LumberwhackIn this action-packed defense game you help Koko Kornelius, the coconut-throwing, adventurous monkey to defend the wildlife from vicious tree-cutters. Rescue a wide variety of animals and discover unique items!

Goats R DeliciousThe only thing Choo Parr despises more than stupid humans are sweet cuddly animals. Help guide Choo through the onslaught of 9 levels of relentless hugs as he tries to make his way to the castle for a battle with his arch-nemesis - Theodora.

Crazy BeltsCrazy Belts is a mobile puzzle game about what happens when we check-in in an airport. We have to handle luggage in conveyor belts and make it arrive at its destination. We use a single-touch control to manipulate belts, while the bags fall from above.

Meteor Maths BookA great game to educate and entertain. Available now for IOS! And coming soon for Android! This game combines Maths with arcade gaming! Not just for kids, but also for people who like brain training apps!

Doodle Dino RacingTry this new craze! Select one of our sweet little dinos and see how far you can get in this incredible adventure! Drive 5 different vehicles and try to avoid all obstacles (meteors, ladybugs)

Police Patrol GameA racing and action-oriented adventure game that features Ofc. Chris Kopp as the main character. Chris's goal is to patrol the streets and ensure that the good citizens stay on the right side of the law.

BostonFIGThe Boston Festival of Indie Games on September 14 at MIT is a celebration of independent game development in New England and surrounding areas. Movies, Music, Talks, Art, and LOTS of games! Free to attend!

Siege Of Turtle EnclaveSiege of Turtle Enclave is a turn-based strategy game with real-time battles! The game features unit level ups, heroes, technological research, randomly generated maps, kingdom management and plenty of intense battles!

Molebears OutbreakCan you tap, swipe, and think fast enough to keep up with Molebears Outbreak? Prove it. 40 challenging levels of Whack a Mole fun. 12 unique moles, 3 weapons, 6 special items, survival mode, and level editor. Available for IOS and Android

IndieOutlook#IndieSupport segment from Tech-Gaming podcast. Currently presenting reviews, previews and personal impressions on small indie teams, pushing crowdfunding projects as well as assisting promotion to unknown talent.

FormicideA fast-paced 2D online platformer with destructible terrain. It features a powerful editor, allowing for a player-driven modding community.

JellyJiggleMoving delicious looking jelly blocks into specific goals with a little cube named „Jay“. Three beautiful designed worlds are waiting to be explored by you. Go check it out, it\'s free-to-play! >

99 Waves to Die99 Waves to Die is a twin stick arcade shooter, inspired by the arcade games, and 8-bit home consoles/computers, of the 1980′s. Can you survive to see Wave 99? Coming October 2013 to iOS, Android & Ouya.

Ghost SpeakCurious about ghosts and spirits? Ever wish you had the tools to hunt ghosts like the professionals? Ghost Speak is a paranormal tool for the iPhone & iPad. It uses a dictionary, and the sensors on the device, to allow sprits to communicate to you.

Beaver Kickin'BEAVER KICKIN' is an iOS and Android game about kicking a mighty Beaver through the forest to save it from environmentally destructive aliens.

Jumbl: moviesUnravel the jumbled letters to reveal the title of some of the best movies ever made. Try and guess the jumbl as quickly as possible.

Nameless the Hackers RPGTurn-based Cyberpunk mobile RPG. Hired to retrieve a file, you find a deep conspiracy. Someone is invading privacy and threatening the world! You must protect the internet. Made by indiedev BoxCat Games

Kill the ClownsGet ready for the most ridiculous and addictive defense game ever for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch! -

CelosiaGothic memory card matching game with metal music and dark atmosphere. It is currently in Alpha stage and you can follow the official IndieDB, Facebook or Twitter pages for updates and news.

CROWDED GARDEN (Kindle)This app features 2 games. "INSECT TAP" and "FLOWER MATCH". One player or multi-player fun. No ads and no in app purchase. Stunning HD graphics. All levels are unlocked allowing you to go directly to the level you wish to play.

Peek-A-Boo OceanA great amusing experience for kids to learn the exact name of the animal in multiple different languages as well as to associate it to the related animal sound. A simple and great way to entertain your kids on the move or at home.

Beekyr FreeBeekyr is a shooter game that will lead our bee through the tough world of bugs and avenge his hive from the nasty wasps.

Waka WalksRemember those books where you could match top bottoms and middles of characters or make new funny ones from different combinations? Now you and your children can do the same with our app and our originally designed and animated characters.

String Theory:a Word GameAn action based word game with micro timers and explosions! Spell words on the board from your deck. Words are cleared when the string completes a pass. Intersecting words score specials and power ups.

iChapattiA fun & interactive way to make a virtual chapatti. HOW FAST CAN YOU ROLL?!

OddBallsOddBalls is a challenging iOS puzzle game featuring realistic physics. The gameplay mixes strategy and skill with a side dose of goofiness. Solve puzzles using the different OddBall traits: one bounces, one floats and the other is made of heavy metal.

atWarTurn-Based strategy war game influenced by Risk and Axis & Allies. Free troop-movement without the Grid to provide for an exciting strategy experience.

Drippitt! -SHIELD-Simple yet Challenging. You're a Drop of water. Drying out slowly! Flow around to find the blue Wells, to drink and Grow. Good to play solo. Or play the machine: Can you stand up against the DrippBott? And even play multiplayer games via Bluetooth.

Slot SaloonHowdy, Partner! Welcome to the loosest slots this side of the Mississippi! Slot Saloon is a fast and free game that'll keep you entertained for hours! Download it now!

Rapid Car RushGuide the kid in his red car across 25 levels in this fast paced 2d platformer. Its free.
ChoozakGuide choozak, our hero, the egg with a helmet into its nest. There are some evil, arbitrary enemies trying to stop him. You have the creator's power to change his path by putting planks, bombs, portals etc in his path as he searches for his cozy nest.
Tap Shoot Zombie!Shoot zombies in this simple fun game. One touch control, just tap to shoot. Gather points. Collect Powerups. Unlock guns. Upgrade Guns. Make combos. Share your score with friends and compete globally.

Crane & RiggerQuickly reference capacity charts on hundreds of rigging items from D-Rings to Slings. Calculate common rigging and load formulas quickly and easily with the various sling and load calculators. Crane load chart and specifications for over 1,000 cranes.

Adventure GameIn development. A 3D rendered point and click adventure based around the beautiful scenery of St. Ives & Cornish locations UK. Find your way, solve puzzles, find hidden items & artifacts for bonus abilities. Merge items to create tools and much more!

Kobo II Tech PreviewA dual stick shooter taking the gameplay of Bosconian and XKobo/Kobo Deluxe to new levels with physics, multiplayer, more weapons, explosions, shockwaves and more.

Tap Pop BalloonPop balloons! Tap on a balloon to make it explode. Blast them all and make color combos to get the highest score. This simple and funny game is a balloon popping party! Fun for all ages, from babies to adults. Play now!

Awesome Cowbell FreeThe Most advanced Cowbell app ever! FREE version includes: - Crystal clear sounds. Great on built-in speaker or headphones - 3 different cowbells with 2 sounds each - Record a loop. - Play over a song from your music library - Universal App
iLearn MathGreat Math game for kids ages 4-10. You can select any math operator (add, subtract, multiply, divide) for each. Earn coins by answering correctly. Then use your coins to unlock new difficulties and themes.

Super(s)hotTime doesn't move when you don't. Well, maybe a little. A vertical shooter where you manipulate time to skilfully take out enemies.
Lazarenko WilsonJoin Lazarenko Wilson as he races through a colourful desert world in this hectic puzzle shooter. Launch missiles of fire at the matching coloured blocks to destroy them before they reach Laz. What is your highest score?
Depth Charge FishingDestroy Fish. Save the Planet. It is the near future and the toxic pollution of the world\'s oceans have triggered an evolutionary jump in marine life making them explosively unstable. Destroy fish to make the seas safe again.
PatRubA game of personal physical contact. Vigorously rub and pat yourself. For Points.
Don't Look DownIt is endless. You cannot escape. Don't Look Down.
A Perfect Time to PanicThe cascade failure has already begun. Keep tapping the excited elements to calm them down and prevent a chain reaction leading to a catastrophic failure. Ultimately you will fail... but your legacy will be an all-new High Score!
Inca BlastA fast-paced puzzle shooter where the different colours of mystical fire must match the gems to collect them. Clear each grid for bonus time and last as long as you can for high scores! Also features bonus 2-4 player competitive mode on single screen.

Fun Football Europe 2016"Fun Football Europe 2016" is a football (soccer) game of skill, strategy and luck. The unique turn-based mechanics are easy to play but very challenging to master. Pick your favorite team and try to win the Europe 2016 Cup in France!
Boo and WooMain features of \"Boo and Woo: Double Trouble\" ★ cute graphics and animations ★ great background music ★ designed for both, phones and tablets ★ ADDICTIVE and CHALLENGING game-play
Fun Football TournamentUnique turn based soccer game for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices

Universe TouristAn space adventure! Grab all the coins you can and avoid the alien cats.

BulwarkBulwark is an exciting sci-fi tower defence game. Bulwark is a tower defence game set in the not too distant future. Place towers strategically to defend your base and defeat your enemies. Hold your ground commander!

SwapIt Arcade!This is a simple game with a variety of themes. It is a Tetris like game in which the screen is covered with Stars, or other shapes. When you align 3 or more in a row, all adjacent tiles that match will vanish.
Scooby Doo SwapIt!This is a simple game with a variety of themes. It is a Tetris like game in which the screen is covered with Scooby Doo character faces. When you align 3 or more in a row, all adjacent tiles that match will vanish.
3 Man Drinking Dice GameThree Man is a simple drinking game you play with dice, but now you can play it anywhere you take your phone! You can carry it to the party in your pocket, and not worry about forgetting the dice!
Nurses Vs. PatientsA thumb smasher where it's up to you, the Nurses, to save the patients at the hospital from the Apocalypse, and the riots that ensued. Thumb Smash your way through each level as things get faster and faster!
GPS Quick Location ShareGPS Quick Location Share is the best way to easily share your address through text message, email or social media.
Scooby Doo SoundboardA Scooby Doo & the Gang soundboard filled with all the classic sounds you know and love. Over 120 sounds to choose from including intro musics and a separate page for all 5 members of the gang included (Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Freddy, Daphne, and Velma).

Casino Slots Match 'emOur new game for Windows Phone, Casino Slots Match 'em, has launched. This puzzle game is fun and addictive -- 100 levels in version 1!

DangleSmashIn DangleSmash you play as a Soviet space dog fighting off an alien invasion. The game mechanic features physics based duels, upgradeable weapons and changing gravity on the different planets.

Zombie HeroA parody and twisted story allows players to be playing as Kiki, a former villain, who is now the only hope to save the entire mankind from zombie rampage.

Dublin Quiz AppDublin Quiz App ! the only Dublin Quiz App out there, try it for free, if you want more try the Pro version. Learn all about Dublin's History, Culture, Entertainment and much more all brought to you by Deegan Software chekc us oput on all friendly media

Easy HbA1c ConverterThe introduction of the new HbA1c unit caused problems for some diabetics. This application will help diabetics to convert the old HbA1c value in % to the new one in mmol/mol. Simply drag your finger over the screen to adjust the values.

PlayHouse MiniGolfPlay mini golf in doors the way it was meant to be! This app is gradually being extended so please check for more content as more and more levels will be added! Now with Facebook share to share your score with all your friends!

Save Sea Turtles!"Save Sea Turtles!" is a funny game for kids & adults, featuring cute baby turtles that try to get to the sea. Swipe your fingers across the screen and help them reach the water!

ShopAssistShopAssist is a simple and easy to use shopping calculator and spending tracker designed for the budget conscious shopper. - Shopping calculator and budget setting - Sales tax addition - Product type tracking - Shopping history database

Fridge PalFridge Pal is a very feature rich shopping list app. You can create and share shopping lists, record what you have at home and even look up recipes using what you have in your fridge! Something about to expire? Fridge Pal will remind you!

Ball of WoeIt's Ball of Woe! The tap-style physics-driven thinly-veiled-visual-metaphor for touch devices in beautiful, liver-crushing 3D. Pick the ball you wish to liberate, pick a power by which you will make your godly presence known, and get your sphere on!

Hungry BeaglesHungry Beagles is an addictive Brain and Puzzle game. No Beagle was hurt during the creation of this game (they even got some extra dog snacks) !

Cognition Episode 1Meet Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent with the power to see the past. In this intense adventure game, Erica follows a trail of serial killers and a series of clues left specifically for her. Who's leaving the clues and how do they know her secret?

LongshotHigh-speed fast-paced multiplayer space combat action game

Edge of SpaceSurive, Build, Explore, and battle cybernetic rocket-powered laser SPACE!

Drone Magnet: Ice FishingJust tap the screen to activate the Drone Magnet, sending an impulse to the metal object below, lifting it toward the drone. Time your taps to avoid the ice chunks, hit the power-ups, and guide the object through the holes in the ice above.

Jealous JelliesJellies are jealous and want to eat your food! Smash jellies with your finger to prevent them from eating your food, They come more and more over time, how much can you take? Use fireworks and the magnifying glass to help on your way.

Forever SafeForever Safe is the most innovative PC file, folder, & program security protection software on this side of Mars. Make sure to download the 7 day FREE trial at and leave us feedback.

ZapAttackAppThe old zapping handshake back as an app now. It zaps it vibrates and its fun for the prankster in all of us

Game TownGame Town is a collection of 7 games that test your reflexes, skill and speed. It offers fast arcade/action elements that are presented with super cute cartoon characters.

uWake LiteuWake is a complete alarm clock application with full dimming capability. Wake up to your personal song from your iOS device or a default alarm. Customize your alarm from several different wallpapers (including your own), fonts, colors, and text borders.

Extreme FishingInsane action game, free for Android! Hunt gentlefishes, spartan swordfishes, nazi sharks and everything else that crosses your way. Unleash mighty combos with your powerful arsenal: spears, missiles, bombs, lasers and more. Collect meat! Conquer the sea!

Posture AwarePosture Aware is an iPhone/iPad app designed to assist users in improving their postural awareness and posture habit. Improve awareness and make new habits for pleasant and healthy body positioning. Posture Aware - complete posture training.

Cyber Pest Control 3DCyber Pest Control is a new 3d game developed for both iOS and Android devices. The game centres around defending the famers crops against the hungry hoards. Tools utilised include:- Blender, Gimp, Inkscape and Unity.

Guess Who Celebrity Quiz**Top 100 Trivia/Word Game in 54 Countries for iPhone & iPad** Who's your favourite famous Celebrity? Movie Star? Sports Star? Music Star? Over 400 images of the most famous Celebrities on this planet.This new celebrity quiz is addictive.
Guess The SceneAre you a big fan of movies? Do you think that you have the knowledge to identify a movie through just one photograph of a scene? If so, then Guess the Scene is the perfect game for you! Guess the Scene is a game that will push your brain to it's limits!

Joyful Animals for KidsPlaying this game children will make animals from different parts, guess their names and places where they live. Also they should choose which sounds they make. Due to the background music it makes the game even more interesting!

Spirit MeatThe Spirit Meat app is based on the Free Spirit Meat Vision of the Dream Centre Church. It is updated monthly and Works Offline as well.

Dino DinnerDino and Dina are hungry, help them fill their stomach eating as many balls as you can before your opponent does. There are eight balls to eat, will you eat them all?

Infection!You are a virus in the bloodstream of the human body. Use the arrows to guide the virus throughout the bloodstream to the end of each level. Avoid obstacles like white blood cells and lymphocytes, who will restart the level if they are touched. Have Fun!

SpelldomNavigate through your enemy's defenses by quickly spelling words and unleashing devastating spells. Crush the opposition's Castle, steal the loot, and upgrade your own defenses before your opponents attack you.
Fizzy FactoryFizzy Factory is the second title from HangZone, and indisputably one of the trickiest, most engaging puzzle games available. We’ve taken the simple elegance of mixing colors to handcraft hundreds of mind bending puzzles set in a bubbly soda factory.

Deal ScrollerEasily browse and compare PC gaming deals gathered from 16 different online stores

MathDuelloPlay challenging math questions from simple to complex faster than the opponent. You have the chance to train or to challenge random users of a similar level of your, the more you win the more you get tickets, to gain new lifes.

Cube DefenseCube Defense is a shoot\'em up game for android devices. You have to destroy \"computer viruses\" and collect their \"memory\" to upgrade you weapon, special attack, etc..

Secret of EscapeSecret of Escape is a fast-paced stealth game, you control a man named Thomas, trapped out in the middle of nowhere inside a complex building run by a mysterious and psychopathic host known only as Dyer.

APA Citation GeneratorAPA Generator helps students of all types write and cite comprehensive American Psychological Association (APA) Format 6th edition english essays. - See more at:

BucketManBucketman is inspired by PacMan but ported to the streets of openstreetmap, aka YOUR neighbourhood. -14 challenging missions -Skill system and features to activate -upload your current position and compete with your friends for the highscore -unique

Table FlippySwipe the screen to send the table flying, and get it to reach the other guy. Stylistic graphics, and heart-pumping break-beat music. Simple, yet highly addictive

SpellGrid Word GameSpellGrid is a minimalist word game combining the best parts of Boggle and Scrabble, played on an infinite board. How large a crossword can you build from the letters of a given word?

SpherokuSpheroku(TM) combines the logic of sudoku with the experience reminiscent of Rubik\\\'s cube. It features an innovative 3d interface, where the 9x9x9 grid is mapped onto a sphere and player has a choice to use colors instead of numbers. Android & iOS.

VentVent is a social app that lets you share your frustrations without the fear of being de-friended. Instead of ranting on Twitter or Facebook, you can now unleash to a group of like-minded people who are happy to help you get it off your chest.

Number RainNumber Rain is a free math game available on iOS /android that sharpens your brain. Race against time to tap the circles containing numbers/mathematical symbols to form an equation that will solve the number as the circles fall to fill up the board.

BlockstersA small logic game, where you need to move blocks to match them by colors. Matching colors will make them disappear, unsuccessful moves will make them clone. You have to play as long as you can and collect score to conquer the leaderboards.

Hedgy JumperHedgy Jumper it's a challenging and fast paced endless runner featuring an hedgehog as protagonist, golden rings and some similarities with The Impossible Game.

Berry Ice CreamPhysics based puzzle game with Breakout and Pinball elements. Swing the spoon and collect the ripe berries while avoiding unripe berries.

NihilumbraNihilumbra is a 2D puzzle platformer with a philosophic touch developed by the indie studio BeautiFun Games.Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join Born on his journey to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse,The Void.

Insanity's BladeAn indie game based on the comic series: Insanity's Blade by Christopher Obritsch. This game is the first in a series of games based around the journey of a sword possessed by a fathers powerful grief and hatred. Up for pre-order on Kickstarter!

XnO v2-3D Adventure GameThe inhabitants of Vazooka have been captured. Join X and his friends on their whimsical journey to rescue lovely lady penguin O. Shoot the jolly puffer, P, using the aiming powers of the mighty turtle, T, to break open the cage and release penguins.

Wabbit WarsWabbit Wars is a tower defense game with a cute theme: rabbits defending their pile of carrots from the oncoming enemies! Badgers, Foxes, Bobcats and Bears are all attacking the rabbits, and your job is to stop them.

PinMyWAYPinMyWAY, a location based iPhone application, provides self-guided independent walking routes throughout cities of the world. It features the ability for users to create their own routes. And it's free, no cost for downloading, no in-app purchases.

DextaggDextagg is a unique, free iphone app that quickly connects you with your friends & customers. Its YOUR Digital Expression! Just create a Dextagg profile, add your social networks & contact info, & begin to share! utilize & scan any QR code you encounter.

HashkeyHashkey is here to wow your friends with funky & cool augmented reality 3d designs.

Rootin Tootin ShootinIn this arcade shooting game, Grandpa's gonna teach you some real fancy shootin! Arcade Action, target shooting, detailed character animations, earn credits to buy power-ups, compete on the leader board, and Rootin Tootin Hijinks!!

Raccoon RumbleRaccoon Rumble is a cartoon puzzle game in 3D, which offers many short levels of physics sandbox gameplay. Your task is to help your cute raccoon pirates to get the precious pineapple on the island by shooting away obstacles with your giant slingshot.

Hero May Cry (Free)Defeat Other Heroes! Each hero has different stats and also has 3 signature skills that differentiate them from the others. Control your hero now, break the others and survive until the end!

Loud Alien CloudA cloud rider aliens invasion is approaching dangerously! In this game your goal is to achieve the highest score by freeing the planet from invasion while doing combos, chained attacks and much more.
DIAMOND BEAMSYou will have to help Jacqueline, a young cyborg designed by Dr. Oskar Simoff to restore the peace and save galaxy X from the evil plans of Captain Cornelius. Diamond Beams is a classic arcade platformer that comes full with tons of fun!

Dark RelicDark Relic is an MMORPG. The game is a story driven dynamic world with a focus on an immersive world. Dark Relic is as much a game for roleplaying and adventuring as a competitive environment. Come check out the development on our site

Okiiyo AppA fun hockey meet ping pong type game that is fully activated by scanning the augment reality toy Okiiyo.

Cube OverlordFree android game! Cube Overlord is a casual android game with very simple yet entertaining gameplay. Set in a very light tone with its cute and warm graphics, its simplicity makes it quite easy to pick up.

Vex Blocks

DarkroomPro MagazineDarkroomPro Magazine is your free photography publication, designed from the ground up for the tablet platform. Including video, 360 degree rotating graphics, audio interviews, and lots of informative articles! You'll find it both engaging & informative.

Create Your Headline ProCreate Your Headline Pro. Use this advanced photo and frame editor to create hilarious, entertaining or serious magazine and newspaper themed headlines. Select a photo from your camera roll or shoot a new one.

Nursery Rhymes FreeNursery Rhymes #Free includes the three most famous nursery rhymes: Alphabet Song, A Quiet Night and Jingle Bells. You may purchase our full version of English Nursery Rhymes ( with 28 animated nursery rhymes. #toddlers #children

England Premier LeagueEnglish Premier League gives you all the English football scores and rankings in live on your smartphones and tablets. The application covers completely the English professionals leagues.

RPG Market IdleEver wanted people to work instead of you? It isn't a dream, it's RPG Market Idle! The idle game for RPG lovers. Thank to the magic crystall ball you have found, you can just tap to earn more, and more... and more!

Beasty Ball ManiaBeasty Ball Mania is a challenging 3D physics based endless roller / platformer with a beautiful minimalistic design. I hope you have an opportunity to play my game. Beasty Ball Mania is a FREE Universal App! How far can you go?

HeckabombExplosive twin stick shooter. 5 game modes. Lots of upgrades. Visually intense, massive explosions, huge debris clouds, trails everywhere. Full controller support. Mouse+keys too. Awesome soundtrack.

Flap FlapThis 8-bit retro arcade flier isn't easy, but is highly addictive and fun to play.

Cyberpunk 3776Cyberpunk 3776 harkens back to the glory days of arcade shmups. Ultimately, your journey will be a metaphor about life & death, a road that everyone has to walk down alone. The only choices you get while on your path: keep your head up high or forfeit.

Seconds to LiveYou have seconds to live. Keep Fredley alive and win. Be the best and win $100

Pirate PuffAs Pirate Puff the Puffer Fish was taking his daily swim, he discovered a sunken Pirate ship, filled with pirate gold!! To collect the gold, just tap the screen and swim through the ships broken planks. Featuring two game modes!!

AcceleroXCollect Energy and avoid obstacles in this thrilling and fast-paced game FREE to download on the App Store! Compete with yourself and friends to smash more and more particles in this endless level game to discover the missing majority of the universe!

Mr. TiddlesMr. Tiddles is bored with his life as an ordinary house cat. So bored, in fact, that he\'s decided to go on a walk! Can you help keep him out of trouble? Can you achieve all 35 achievements? Mr. Tiddles is easy to learn, but hard to master!

Solar StormFTL meets Lego in a space rogue-alike adventure! Build a ship, fly it to the asteroid belt and bring back the STS Hope - the most important ship ever built. Fly, fight and try not to die.

Echo GlassFeel the suspense as you watch your line move thru the Echo Glass. Echo Glass is an exciting, new free puzzle game with a twist on the popular mirror star-tracing test used to study procedural memory. Echo Glass is original in its design and mechanics.

California IncidentalCalifornia Incidental lets you help your fellow road warriors avoid trouble by reporting and sharing incidents you see on the road. You can vote on other users input, so the accuracy of the reports is better. It also shows you incidents CHP responds to.

Crazy Celebrity PoppersSolve the chain reaction puzzles and guess the celebrity faces! You can also add your OWN image as a popper character in this game, from your camera or photos! High definition graphics, 100s of levels for hours of fun-download Crazy Celebrity Poppers now!

The Great Zoo EscapeYou find yourself trapped in the zoo... you need to find items, solve puzzles and uncover clues. Are you smart enough to escape from the zoo

Castle BlitzWith simple controls and outstanding graphics, Castle Blitz is an amazing new game. As you run your way to the castle gate, you will be met with endless walls that you will have to maneuver your way through in order to survive!

Imagine NationsImagine Nations is a sandbox game (think Minecraft or Cube World) that combines elements from all of your favorite games in a procedurally generated universe.

Just Four WordsCan you guess the correct answer with only four clues? Just Four Words is a new and exciting word game that will keep your mind PUZZLED and STUMPED! With over 225 word puzzles, this word game is sure to provide hours of fun for on the go or in your home.

Bomb SurvivorBombSurvivor is a game that puts you in the middle of a battlefield, where planes come whistling and drop bombs all over you. You need to dribble them, jump those mines and reach your rescue chopper before it's too late. 6 missions & more to come!

PlusynapsThis highly addictive puzzle game has 87 unique Levels. Even repeating a Level will always bring a new objects constellation with the same logical relationships. That makes it a powerfull brain trainer. It is free.

The Girl and the RobotThe Girl and the Robot is a unique action/adventure game set in a fairy tale world.

Kids MatchPoint ChallengeMatch 2 game using kids app icons from the App store

TiledSimply, you must match 4 or more tiles of the same color to create a group of 4 or more tiles to clear the tiles and gain points. You can drag a tile from anywhere to anywhere else to create these groups of 4 or more colors.

Word MessWord Mess is a unique word search game about digging out words from beautiful but deadly word clouds. It's great fun for kids and adults and once you get into it, you will keep playing more!

MilesMiles is a card game inspired by the French classic Mille Bornes. Featuring strategic gameplay and various modes of play (Single, Two Player and Online).

A-mazing AntsA-mazing Ants is a classic 80's style arcade game where you lead your ants to victory over their enemies. Game play is very simple just move your ant around the maze avoiding your enemies as often as possible and make it to the finish.

ConclaveConclave is a tabletop-inspired roleplaying game you can play solo or with friends, in real time or at your own pace, from any browser.

The Tribloos 2"The Tribloos 2" is all about cute little blue fury characters that love to build stuff. Manage a Tribloo workforce in this great Strategy Building game!

Minesweeper no guessMinesweeper no guess is beyond just another mine sweep game, but with improved computer algorithm to assume that the mine board is always unique and solvable, means that there is never a chance that you have to guess for the mine. You know what it means!

CAT-a-tonicCAT-a-tonic continues the ages old battle of cats vs dogs. Choose your favorite and wage battle or defend. Cats vs Dogs in a fierce cannon powered bone vs yarn battle.

LingoDiction - FREEA language learning app comprising a whooping 64+ languages grouped into 12 free and 12 paid packages with 5 languages in each. A free sample package lets you get a glimpse of the languages available french, italian, german, mandarin, spanish, norwegian.

Zombie HeroA parody and twisted story allows players to be playing as Kiki, a former villain, who is now the only hope to save the entire mankind from zombie rampage.

WifeBroWifeBro: the romantic toolbox that turns your partner from a boss to a bro! WifeBro you will helt you get plenty of occasions to woo and celebrate your love. With the gifts he or she really wants, of the right sizes and colors.

The Travelling PalaceA unique book app for kids.The app uses technology to bring the enchanting world of India to kids. The captivating colorful 3-D illustration together with original music and rich interactivity, create an atmosphere through which the story comes to life.

DeadstormCAN YOU SURVIVE THE DEADSTORM? Play an action packed top-down shooting game for iOS Powered Devices with killer visuals and soundtrack. You're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and have to blast your way through armies of the undead to survive.

TurnJump left and right, collect coins and avoid red stuff! How high can you go?

Tap TangramPlay with your friends, and solve Tangram puzzles in this great math and trivia quiz game. Highly customisable, and beautiful dynamic graphics make the learning experience fun for all.
Crazy Balloons 1st WordsCrazy Balloons - First Sight Words is a fun way to practice word recognition. Create your own word lists, in multiple languages, and start playing. Lots of fun and very educational.
Crazy BloonsCrazy Bloons is a fun, addictive game where you pop balloons, but with a strategy to maximise game time and score.
Dollar UpDollar Up is a terrific app to assist with teaching the \"Next Dollar Up\" technique. Custom designed by teachers, for teachers and other educators, this app is ideal for use by schools teaching students who are not able to learn to count change.
CheapskateThis one is for people that buy the groceries for the home (that's most of us right?). It's a shopping list app, a price tracking app, and an app to help you keep a record of what the best price you've paid for something was, and where you paid it.
uAlertMe for iAlertUuAlertMe is a remote control for the popular iAlertU app that runs on your Macbook/Air/Pro.
Tap Times TablesTap Times Tables is a highly successful app for use by kids aged 6 to 12. Written entirely in Objective-C using the popular Cocos2D framework.
ClaustrophobicAn evolving game requiring quick reactions, patience and strategy. Most of the game features like power ups have both positive and negative aspects that, depending on your strategy can help you beat that high score on the leaderboard.

Zombie Slash TeardownSlash through Zombies in this new 3D action game! You have fallen among the waiting undead. Your mission? Slash zombies and collect gold. How to Play * Swipe zombies to slash them * Swipe objects in search of gold * Swipe speed crates to accelerate

JJ SaysThis is a classic and addictive game that will sharpen your memory. Watch the shapes light up and listen to the sounds. Repeat the sequence in the correct order to increase your high score. Compete with your friends to see who can score the highest.

Healing SimulatorEver play an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, Wildstar, or Everquest ? Ever play a Healer? No ? Well you\'re in luck! Healing Simulator puts you in the shoes of ACTUAL healers where you get to see nothing but health bars and battle text!

Kill Death Calculator-ProKill Death Calculator - Pro is an application for FPS gamers! If you want to calculate your kill/death ratio at any point during your game, you can use this app to do that! Also save your K/D progress over time to your device!
Kill Death CalculatorKill Death Calculator - Pro is an application for FPS gamers! If you want to calculate your kill/death ratio at any point during your game, you can use this app to do that!

Push It InA challenging slider puzzle. Slide blocks into their proper hole. Only the brightest will succeed. Great sokoban fun!

3 Cups ShuffleShuffle the cups and find the coin hidden inside one. Earn star powerups to pass difficult levels. Every level shuffles faster and faster, keep your eye on the right cup. Are you up to the challenge?

RubeumGet the red balls to the goal as fast as you can by using touch or tilt. 60 levels (more coming soon)
RefleXaction8 mini-games that test your reflexes, reactions, speed and accuracy. Try to get 3 stars on all the various challenges.

Colorful Back to SchoolEnjoy with some wonderful drawings to give him your life with beautiful colors!! Enjoy this wonderful time when you return to find your friends and show them your kind drawings to be surprised with how well you draw!

Link ItWant to be part of a social media sharing revolution? Try Link It and experience the next-generation of social media sharing with quick setup/login and a smooth and simple user experience. Join the revolution today and let\'s start sharing!

Byte Rider"one of those super-addictive, can't put down games with unforgiving gameplay requiring a deft touch and dexterity. It has an eye-catching retro visual feel yet very up to the minute gameplay." - Amiqus, 2014

Mr.Dummy's KitchenMr.Dummy wishes to become an international Super Star Chef. Help him to put in order his kitchen before it becomes a real nightmare! Show your skills with the pan in Mr.Dummy’s first adventure. Have you got what it takes to become a good Chef?
Yum MosquitoYum Mosquito! Enjoy this free & simple game where you have to eat as much yummy mosquitos as you can to feed your hungry frog. But be careful of the lightning or you\'ll get roasted! Remember the proverb: Lightning never strikes twice in the same place!

Dice Roller FreeDice Roller is a beautiful and sophisticated, yet simple app that contains gorgeous graphics and stunning rendered dice rolling animations. Perfect for occasions where you don\'t have a dice, or even if you do, but you\'d rather show off to your friends.

Flinging FortressDefend the fort from incoming enemies by \'flinging\' them off the screen! Share your high scores on your favourite social networks and DEFEND THAT FORT!

Star PodStar Pod is a game about a little hover ship getting from point A to point B, collecting rings and avoiding obstacles on the way.

Jumpy SkateHelp Jumpy collect the diamonds by tapping on the screen, to avoid the obstacles. Should you pass them successfully you will be rewarded with a diamond and your score will be increased. Collect more diamonds to obtain a different colored cape.

Space BastardsSpace Bastards is a fast-paced retro style arcade platform game made by Pinqu! Pick up the bombs and flip the switch to blow up your enemies. Score as many points as you can and get on top of the online leaderboards!

Monster MischiefWarning: Insanely Addicting Monster is up to a bit of mischief in the new endless runner game built for the pros & casual game players. Navigate Monster through the obstacles while picking up sweet upgrades to pimp out your character. Enjoy the ride.
Monster Mash UpLink your Mobile App or App related website on our Monster Mash Up board! Cost is only $0.10/Pixel

Cube & StarSpread color. Spread joy. Thrill to the emergence of strange new creatures. And burn them all to ashes. Intel LevelUp Best Other Game, Cube and Star: An Arbitrary Love is a game about the joy of exploration - the joy of aimless but mindful wandering.

Zeus vs. MonstersZeus vs. Monsters change kids' perception of math, and they see it like a fun way to spend time. Also, kids will come in contact with some of the most common Greek symbols and mythology characters and thus learn a lot about Ancient Greece.

Sphere Game StudioSwipe your way through increasingly puzzling levels, swapping spheres as you go until the board is completed. Each sphere has to be matched with a background of the same colour. Sounds simple right? Master 100+ Challenging and addictive levels...

Ghoulish HijinksTake control of the witch Genevieve, in this arcade style platform game. Collect ingredients to make different potions to help you out. Unlock different levels, each with unique settings, tricky level events, and ghoulish enemies! Go for a high score!

VitrisYour computer has been infected by the ultimate virus! Each second it recreates more of itself to infect your computer. You have enlisted the help of the MCP Anti-Virus Program to help remove it!

Goal Crush MultiplayerGoal Crush is a highly competitive sport themed Match 3-4-5 Game. Goal Crush, tests your brains reactions in a 60 second challenge against players from around the world. Play For Real Money Option out in v1.1 Jan 20th
Top Boy City RageTop Boy City Rage is an awesome shoot em up / beat em up game with 70 levels getting harder and harder. 24 different weapons and guns 4 Power Ups including Grenades, Freeze, Health Pack LOOK OUT FOR NEW FEATURES i v1.1 OUT January 6th

CashmunyCashmuny is a puzzle game where the goal is to stack as many as possible, fast. Global highscores.

Star Sweeper 3DStar Sweeper 3D has you emptying the void of all meteors and enemies in full 3D!
Adrenaline OutlawsAdrenaline Outlaws is a fast paced 3D motorcycle game for your device ! Offering 36+ Levels of racing fun to test our your awesome skills ! Watch out for traps and perform stunts such as Flips to save time and earn those 3 star rankings!
Touch DiverTouch Diver is a 3d Goalie Soccer Football Sim!
Epic PetsEpic Pets is a FULL 3D EXPERIENCE for your device where you can not only create your own training character, but are also put up to the challenge to take care of your very own Epic Pet in this pet battle rpg with constant updates every friday !
Impending DOomSave humanity with your Cosmos Finger in this meteorite mess we call a galaxy ! Summon the help of your Sparrow-Bot if you find yourself in a jam and SAVE THE EARTH ! Because I mean, that's where you keep all your stuff !

Sugar TripComplicated puzzle with a quite unusual mechanism, but with a nice visual style and pleasant music. In the game a player should move the sugar cubes around the playing field and bring them to the marked positions. All the cubes are moving simultaneously.

Daily Calendar for iPhoneDaily Calendar is a new and unique approach on how you view your daily calendar events. Featuring a beautiful overview and a gesture-based interface, Daily Calendar is the best way to organize your daily life.

PoketPostcardsPoketPostcards is the best way to make e-postcards. Choose a frame, card, stamp then enter your message. Share via Twitter, Facebook and email. Not just for holiday pics, PoketPostcards can be used to send out any message, such as invites/announcements.

Effing WeatherEffing Weather delivers the forecast in a way no other weather app does, with brutal honesty. With over 100 Effing Weather phrases, looking up the current weather conditions won't be so boring. Then share the perfect phrase on Facebook or Twitter.

6 Dimensions: get physicsA set of mini-games with realistic physics that requires skills such as drawing with your fingers, handle objects by touching, pressing pedals, steering ships, controlling animals, etc. Complete 6 worlds filled with tests,gravity, water physics,etc

Tiny MissilesBlast your way through increasingly challenging waves of fruit splattering goodness, while you try not to hit the hand grenades or flash bangs that are on a mission to stop you.

HunterX - Zombie ShooterPlanet has gone wrong, and evil portals have opened with creatures to eliminate everyone. Main Hero - HunterX is a stylish guy who has come to save the planet and destroy all the evil creatures.

MitraMitra is a revolutionary app that allow you to balance prices between the guests of your events like your holidays Create your event, add your guests, add your expenses, enter who paid and who benefit of theses expenses and mitra does the balance for you

PuzzledGamePuzzledGame is a 2d puzzle game where the goal is to rebuild a picture from pieces that were procedurally generated. We have 6 difficulties, 3 solo modes and a beautiful and original interface. We also introduce the versus mode to challenge your friends.

Universal FighterUniversal Fighter is an addictive space shooting game. The rule is very simple, how long you can survive against alien space ships and how many points you can score. The game based on never ending game-play.

Skyknite HeroThere is an invasion and it is up to the SkyKnite to save the day. With the help of your little friends fight evil robots who have taken over your beloved city!

IonageIonage is an Android exclusive, space real-time strategy game where you use giant floating space platforms to do battle in a steampunk themed story of galactic conquest!

AR & game developersNew Moon Games - Augmented Reality specialists and Game Developers based in York, UK. Currently available for contract work.

iShut the GateTilt your device and roll the ball to the open gate. In all 10 gates have to be closed. Navigate the track in as short as possible. The shorter the route to close the gates the better your score. Tilt your device as precisely as possible.

6 ColorsPut your brain to the test in this intense color matching action game! 6 Colors is an extremely simple yet highly skill-oriented game. The goal is to match your color to as many lines as you can. The longer you survive, the more points you earn.

Drummer's MetronomeDrummer's Metronome is the perfect click track for practicing sessions or live gigs. Easy to set up and plainly audible in your headphones. There are a number of high quality click sounds, but you can load custom sounds, too.

Brain AppBrain App makes daily brain exercise accessable and fun. You can enjoy a selection of exercises in short bursts. Each activity targets a key area. Enjoyed by more than 65,000 users all over the globe, Brain App is a great way to exercise your brain.

SpecterSpecter is a 2D action platformer that provides the player with a massive arsenal of attacks, which are used during both combat AND platforming. Think Mario meets Castlevania.

aPuzzleIntrusion FreeIn aPuzzleIntrusion you must solve 20 puzzles avoiding to hit and smash the cockroaches intruders, otherwise they'll squeeze out the puzzle! For each level will increase the cockroaches number but you have 3 DDT spray weapon that will freeze the bugs...
Old Wild Tales Ep.1This is a tower defense style game saga and the story takes place in 20 mysterious places where the player will face more than 65 enemies with the help of 6 outlaws with different features who will be joined in the game.

DIrtyBirdyDirtyBirdy is a fun 80's style classic arcade game. You control Sam the seagull; drop eggs on the passing traffic. Enjoy the cartoon style colourful graphics. Fast action. Nice sound effects. Multi-touch controls. Classic style Arcade Action

Spider Splat!Sir Rupert Tophat is in trouble, his precious hat museum is being invaded by giant poisonous spiders, and only you can save the day (and the hats!). Help Sir Rupert hurl wooden barrels down the building and squash those pesky spiders before its too late!

Guess the WordTry the newest 4 PICS 1 WORD game "Guess the Word" Look closely at the clues in each picture.

Cold KillerFight against the cold and kill all viruses as fast as possible. Tilt your device as precisely as possible and aim with the crosshairs to kill all flying viruses. The faster you are to kill the virus the better your score. Game Center is included.

TerrorballsSpace pirates have seized the USS Titan, a fully automated strike ship heading towards earth. Mission Control has dispatched the Terrorballs to destroy the ship. Terrorballs are self replicating attack drones deployed from a trajectory cannon.

Taxi DashCrazy cars, blocks of ice, giant spikes... cab driving has never been this much fun! Deliver your passengers safely to earn the highest tips and get the best ride in town. Earn new cars and awesome upgrades as you compete to be the best cabbie around!

GlitchbreaksGlitchbreaks is a sick sample loop glitching app with a groovy interface and nice instant touch control of realtime audio. It's capable of seriously twisting sounds, is one of the most modern audio apps I've seen yet, and Ninjas will love it -Ninja Tune

Teeth RestaurantTeeth are small cute little monsters with big teeth. Help your Teeth to eat anything that falls from the sky before it falls to the floor, but beware of the harmful foods!

Balloon ShooterPop all the balloons, don't let them escape!

Free Food AppFree Food-Ok, not ALL the deals we find are free! But we work at finding restaurant specials, promos and new items and put them all in one place for you! Search by location, venue, even day of the week! Updated 3x/week; location powered by Foursquare

Nightmares Within StoreThe Nightmares Within store provides source code, utilities, assets, and plugin style systems to give your next project a giant, beautiful leap!