Our Team

Aaron Burgemeister:

This master-of-all-trades is an expert on anything in the Information Technology field. This includes System/Network/Web Administration, Databases, and programming.

Dustin Jacobson:

In a tech-focused company Dustin not only dazzles as a designer extraordinaire, but has a staggering technological prowess ranging from HTML/CSS/JS, Web Frameworks, Flash/ActionScript, Software Integration, and Web Administration.

Rob Bates:

A Software Engineering and indulgent workaholic whose short attention span leads to high throughput on tons of different projects.

Shaun Price:

This Tech-Juggernaut is an expert on software and hardware integrations. He can solve most problems with existing (and often open source) solutions, leading to quick turn-around, low-cost solutions for you. If your problem seems unsolvable, he's your man.